The Flycam Cinematic Package Includes:

 Flycam Ad/Demo Reel

                  The Flycam Video shortened. This Video is approximately 1 – 2 minutes in length.

       Rendered to briefly display and highlight the selling points of movie trailers, commercials, ad’s

 Real Estate, services and all forms of businesses.

 Flycam, Film, Video or  Virtual Tour

The one of a kind, state of the art, patent pending Flycam Experience.

      An extreamly effective sales and maketing tool for your business, services and Real Estate needs.

Greatly increase the efficiency in the sales process resulting in more sales.

 Excellent for full length movie trailers and music videos

Approximately 3 – 12 minutes in length.

– 3D Flycam, Film, Video or  Virtual Tour

The incredibly alluring 3D tour is created for unorthodox marketing

strategies.  Immerse your targeted audience with cutting edge technology

they will never forget and eagerly share with all.

 – Emotional Effects

Customize your Flycam video with an intro, narration, special effects and

graphic animation and intromissions. Choice of musical genres and instrumental sound effects to

activate the mood and desired affect.  Music and sounds provided by Liquid Media Services.

 (Additional charges may apply).


Each tour includes a onetime revision due within 24hrs of delivery to satisfy all inaccuracies.

– 25 High Resolution Photos

We provide 25 Photographs for Portfolio or marking needs, shot with an 18

megapixel or greater HD-DSLR. This will save you hundreds of dollars.

– QR Code, Tag and Marketing Brochure

QR Codes, Tags and brochure for marketing. Direct all with

smart devices directly to your Flycam Experience.

-USB Drive or Blu-ray DVD

USB Drive or High Definition 1080p Blue-ray DVD for your

video library and marketing systems.

24/7 Tech Support / Customer Service.

   Both second to none and committed to your success.